Take Your Best Shot

To my colleagues, both physical and virtual, here is your chance to take a shot. Leave your comments on the PAST and TEACHING. Have a go!


One response to “Take Your Best Shot

  1. Coach Byrd,
    What a man! Here, on the first day of Faculty Forum, you, the eminent Director of Studies at The Westminster Schools, invite your “colleagues, both physical and virtual,” to “take your best shot”!
    But I, a recently retired gentleman of means, am going to take up your challenge in the spirit it was offered: I hope you’ll post some information (e.g., syllabus–gotcha!–or individual assignments) indicating how you plan to use this blog with your students.
    Nice to see you, as ever, on the cutting edge of, um, “21st-Century Teaching.” (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. . . .)


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