This is your first opportunity to comment on an important aspect of US History. If you, dear student, are at all typical you probably wish you could take something other than AP US History. Indeed, you may be in the course only because someone told you that “AP” will improve your chances of gaining admittance to PPU (Perfect Private University). Yet, you may be among the minority who actually enjoy studying the past. In either case your assignment is to write a one paragraph comment on “Why I like/dislike history.” Your comment should include your precise definition of  “history” .


2 responses to “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE HISTORY

  1. This is a good assignment, Big Guy! Keep it up. . . .


  2. I have left teaching with some reluctance to write about my own past (more cultural than personal) because it’s taken me almost this long to see the many ways that time, events, and culture influence our evolving thoughts and human spirit. When you study history (the way Byrd and Lamplugh teach it…as STORY), you learn so much about yourself, your ancestors, your world. You never know what you might find there that changes your vision and perspectives on the human experience. As Nick Carraway said, in THE GREAT GATSBY, “You can’t repeat the past.” He’s right, you can’t, Mr. Gatsby. But you can look at the past with great big, wide-open eyes and marvel at all that has come before, making connections to your own story and the stories of others. Jump in the river again and again. Watch Henry Louis Gates tonight (9/23) on PBS on discovering keys to the past through your own ancestry.


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