“That the supreme power, therefore, should be vested in the people, is in my judgement the great panacea of human politics. It is a power paramount to every constitution, inalienable in its nature, and indefinite in its extent. . . . streams of power that appear through this great and comprehensive plan [U.S. Constitution]. . . we shall be able to trace them all to one great and noble source, THE PEOPLE.”

— James Wilson, Nov. 24, 1787

Was Wilson correct about the U.S. Constitution as it existed at the time of ratification? Why or why not?


2 responses to “POWER: WHERE ART THOU?

  1. Big Guy,
    Did I ever tell you about James Wilson’s involvement in the Yazoo land fraud? Or, you could look it up, in my book. . . . Not sure what relevance this has to the quote from JW, but I just wondered.


  2. Boss,
    I did not remember his involvement. I’ll check it out in the only source that could possibly be reliable!


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