La Revolucion is like a great love affair.
In the beginning, she is a goddess.
A holy cause. But every
love affair has a terrible enemy.
Time. We see her as she is.
La Revolucion is not a goddess,
but a whore. She was never pure,
never saintly, never perfect. So we run away.
Find another lover, another cause. Quick, sordid affairs. 
Lust, but no love. Passion, but no compassion.
Without love... ...without a cause, we are nothing. 
We stay because we believe. We leave because we are 
disillusioned. We come back because we are lost. We die 
because we are committed.
---- Jesus Raza, The Professionals

One response to “A HOLY CAUSE

  1. How often each aspect of this quotation plays out in world events.


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