Lucille Is Alone & Crying: R.I.P. BB

Now Father Time is catching up with me
Gone is my youth
I look in the mirror everyday
And let it tell me the truth
I’m singing the blues
Mm, I just have to sing the blues
I’ve been around a long time
Yes, yes, I’ve really paid some dues

—–B.B. King, “Why I Sing the Blues”


4 responses to “Lucille Is Alone & Crying: R.I.P. BB

  1. Thanks for this post, Rick. I had not heard the news, though I knew it wouldn’t be long. You picked a great verse for the eulogy!

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  2. Oh, by the way, I like this so much that I’d like your permission to put up a link to it on facebook, or perhaps just copy and paste it. What do you think?

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