“There’s never any highway when you’re looking for the past
The land becomes a memory and it happens way too fast”

—Rosanne Cash, A Feather’s Not a Bird


2 responses to “HISTORY

  1. There’s a sense, Rick, in which Ms. Cash is absolutely correct. It really doesn’t matter which era you’re researching, by the time you turn your attention to it lots of important stuff has disappeared–or at least become harder to find–for a variety of different reasons.
    So, in trying to reconstruct the past, the researcher is hampered by an absence of some useful sources along that “highway” to the past, and he or she must make the best of a difficult situation. Those sources are not necessarily lost for ever, but the task ahead is for the researcher to use what’s available, combine it with information from other, sometimes secondary, sources, as well as with his/her own interpretive powers, and make the best case possible.
    In sum, it’s not necessarily fun, but it *is* history!


    • admiral17(RB)

      As always you cut to most important place with thoughtful analysis. Sometimes song writers do touch more than romanticized places.


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