Old Companion–Loyal Watcher

Threads string down from the left sleeve end of the thirty year old blue blazer sagging from the peg behind the office door. The hem is creeping out with age and wear. It has seen the pilgrimage of too many teenage searchers in the wilderness of prep school academics. How many exaggerated names have washed over the now dangling faux gold buttons during unremarkable services celebrating fleeting mini-glories founded on misinformed opinions from those who know better?

How many breathed and un-breathed howls and screeches of disappointed parents worked their way into the dark weave like so much smoke accumulating for three decades? Perhaps the pockets still echo with the cacophony of joy, pain, and boredom as competing valedictory addresses seek asylum from the curse of time. Yet, cycles serve the watched and watcher well. Persistence has its role.

The stained, picked, sagging blue played its role–perhaps better than the owner.





2 responses to “Old Companion–Loyal Watcher

  1. So that was your secret for remaining “spiffy,” no matter when a “command performance” reared its ugly head! Your mama didn’t raise any dumb kids. How ’bout gettin’ that blazer bronzed? I might even go half-sies with you. . . .


    • As Athos in the Three Musketeers said, “No, for the Comte de la Fere it is too little; for Athos, too much.”
      For the cost it is too little; for RB it is too much.


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