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Thus, I do not do social media

“He who can go to the fountain does not got to the water-jar.”

—–Leonardo da Vinci


“Ain’t It The Truth”

“The past is such a big place.”

—–Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace

The Healer

“I am not deeply versed in physical science, but there are certain things about water that fill me with wonder and amaze.”

—- H. G. Wells















My Location:9/14/2018

“It is not down in any map, true places never are.”

—- Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Defining Distance on Wet Afternoon

“He says that he comes from a place not far from Guanajuato
That’s two days on a bus from here, a lifetime from this room.”

—–Robert Earl Keen, “Mariano”

Ronin’s Tale: Part 7–Battle & Wars

“So I signed up to ride

I drew a bull called Original Sin
Heard he’d killed a couple of men
Figured this was somethin’ I could win
‘Cause the devil’s on my side

I was havin’ myself one hell of a ride
When I, I ended up disqualified
‘Cause that danged old bull just up and died
Before they blew the whistle”

                       ——Delbert McClinton & Gary Nicholson, “Lone Star Blues”

July 1 Again: For NRB (My Dad)

“Hear that lonesome whippoorwill
He sounds too blue to fly
The midnight train is whining low
I’m so lonesome I could cry”

—-Hank Williams, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”


Ronin’s Tale Part 6: One Last Wound

“Although I’m free to roam
My body has tricked me again”

—-Sean Rowe, Bring Back the Night

Graduation 2018: Sunrise on the Last One

“Sailin’ on a midnight boat,
There were no questions asked,
Water’s so green and the air was so clean
That he stuck right to his task, Havana daydreamin’, . . .”

——Jimmy Buffett, Havana Daydreamin’

The Ronin’s Tale: Part 5, Reflection

Now deep in the heart of a lonely kid
Who suffered so much for what he did,
They gave this ploughboy his fortune and fame,
Since that day he ain’t been the same.
See the man with the stage fright
Just standing up there to give it all his might.
And he got caught in the spotlight,
But when we get to the end
He wants to start all over again.
                                 —– Robbie Robertson, Stage Fright